Last night, a group of us girls got on the Tram and headed downtown for some food and drinks.  It was fun trying to figure out the stops of the tram and the layout of downtown.  Unfortunately, it rained all night but we were still troopers and enjoyed our last night in Germany.

Just left the hotel this morning, Mariah and I are rooming together and we had a little mishap with the wake-up call.  Long story short, I am still getting used to my iphone and set the snooze to PM…oops.  Thankfully our nice teammates pounded on the door to wake us up.  So we scrambled and put all our bags together and rushed out to meet our group.  We’ve had some rough starts but we were finally on our way to the Czech Republic!  We stopped for lunch at the border and did a little shopping until we got back on our bus.  We actually had to pay to go to the bathroom where we stopped.  Here is a picture of the plant that gives the “hops” plant, Humulus Lupulus.  This was as common in the fields we passed as corn fields in Wisconsin!


Once we got to the hotel, we checked in and got ready for practice.  All the teams headed to the fields for practice.  Our coaches are from Eastern Connecticut (a team we played against in Florida this year).  Our team consists of a few Wisconsin girls and girls from Virginia, California, Texas, Connecticut, and Long Island.  Practice went well even though it still continued to rain.

Once we got back to the hotel, we had some dinner.  My family would be proud to know that I tried every single thing on the buffet line….and actually liked a lot of it!  In Prague there are less meat options, but it is very similar to Wisconsin so lots of cheese!  We hung out at the hotel tonight because it was still raining out.  The hotel we are staying at is called TopHotels.  It has over 2,000 rooms, a bowling alley, casino, a dining hall, 2 breakfast lounges, a bar, souvenir shop, and indoor pool.  So we relaxed and got some drinks.  I got to try the original recipe of Budweiser (before it was stolen and sold in American).  We hung out at the casino…still haven’t gambled yet though.  We did make some friends with some Sweden baseball players who live across the hall from us.  It was fun to talk to them and learn about Stockholm where they live.  I was surprised to learn that they start learning English in 3rd grade!  Then they need to take a 3rd language from 6th grade until freshman year of high school.  He also taught us a little more about the money.  Most of Europe uses euros; however, Czech and Sweden both have their own Kurona (crown) that is used.

The boys have their first game tomorrow and we have a scrimmage against the other USA team.  So I need to get a little sleep before we leave tomorrow morning!  Granted check out the picture of me in bed.  I think I might be a bit tall for my bed sheets.