Today we had our first game against Russia.  We won 5-0!  I didn’t pitch but I played 3 innings in the outfield in left field and batted twice.  The girls were not as big as I pictured them that’s for sure!  Their pitcher was pretty good but we have some girls who can hit!  It was interesting hearing a different language on the field – from chants to coaching.  It was very interesting to not be able to understand what the other team is saying to each other.  The umpires did speak English for the most part though.  I really like our team and the passion our coach has for the game.  I like seeing how she coaches her team.  We walk in lines of 2 everywhere we go at the diamond when we travel as a team.  We also have to kneel on one knee in 2 lines when she talks to us before and after the game.  She had a whole rule sheet to go through even!  Even though it is very different from what I am used to, I like seeing a new coaching style and learning from the other players from multiple states.  We play the US National team tomorrow so at least we will be able to understand what they say!