Just got back from a great night out again in the city!  We went to a night club with 5 floors, each being something different.  The bottom floor was an ice bar!  It was freezing.  They only let you in for 20 min at a time and you get served with ice glasses.  Definitely something I recommend someone try if they are over here!  

Here are some of the pictures of the Ice Bar, also called Karlovy Lazne.  It is a pretty small area but here is the bar.  The next picture is of Mariah and I on one of the ice chairs.  They put fur coverings down on the chairs so people could actually sit down!  The last picture is of the ice cube glasses they served drinks in.




Today we played the USA National Team.  We beat them 5-3!  I pitched 2 innings, played 1st base for 2 innings, and played right field for the rest.  I even went in to pinch run!  I am loving the new experience of playing in other positions and learning from my teammates.  Here is a picture of some of the girls on my team.  Hopefully I can get a team picture on my phone soon to upload.  A lot of girls are getting pretty ripped up on their legs from playing with shorts on the rough diamonds.  We keep the med tent busy!  We asked why we couldn’t have worn pants and we were told that it is an international rule that teams have to wear shorts.  I guess none of them have ever played a game in Wisconsin!


I should get to bed since we have a double header tomorrow before playoffs start on Saturday!