Today was a long day! Mariah, Emilie, and I woke up early to go out shopping again!  We got back in time to take a quick nap before we had to head to the field for our double header.  Our first game we played was against Austria.  We won 4-2.  We finally figured out the way other teams shake hands in Europe.  The line does not start at home plate, but instead lines up by 1st and 3rd and goes through the pitcher’s mound.  Also, at most tournaments they provide big gatorade coolers for water.  Here, they give each team a 6-pack of jumbo sized water bottles (the flat kind, not the still water).  Here is a picture of one of the 3 softball diamonds we played on.


Our next game was against the Jourdes, from Germany.  We beat them 8-6.  The game started off hectic with some issues of the mound length.  I threw to the first batter and she got on base from a fielder’s error.  Then she calls time and calls the umpire to look at the mound because it is wrong.  Turns out I threw from 46 feet, not 43 feet.  The real conflict came about when we were measuring the length.  The workers that were doing the fields barely knew what sport was being played on them!  So when we keep trying to tell them 43 feet, we realized it was useless because they use the metric system!  All in all, we won and made it to the playoffs tomorrow!  Two teams from each side of pool play make it to the playoffs.  Turns out all 3 USA made it to the playoffs tomorrow!  Tonight I think we are staying in and maybe just hanging out with everyone.  Already looking forward to our dinner boat cruise on Sunday!

Also, just wanted to add a note from a comment my Mom left about the language barrier.  Most of the teams speak English but when they talk to each other or cheer and yell, it is in their native language.  Every team says “good game” at the end of the game to each other in English, no matter what countries they are from.