Yesterday, we finally flew into the Milwaukee Airport!  I never thought it would feel so good to be home.  We had a great flight from London to New York.  In New York, we had 2 short delays for our flight to Milwaukee.  We finally made it home around 8pm.  I have a very messy room now that I need to clean up with my suitcase contents spilling everywhere!  I can’t wait to get more pictures up here.  I have some team pictures to put on here but I need to wait to get them from a teammate’s facebook.  So once I get them all I will add any addition photos I can.  

This was a trip of a lifetime and an experience I will never ever forget.  I have met some unbelievably wonderful friends and hopefully have made some friendships that will last a lifetime!  I already have plans to meet up with some friends from the trip in the near future!  Thank you to everyone to helped make this dream a possibility.  I am eternally thankful for all the help and support throughout this trip.  I look forward to possibly returning some day and continuing my international travels!